Fourth Chapter


Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Mata Tripta ji following the Guru's manifestation to teh earth in teh Bedi household.

Now the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash commences with once again Kavi Santokh Singh Ji humbly describing his poetry and measures. During which he states his style of poetry is not worthy in any way and lacks quality. Complete humility as if you read the works of Kavi Santokh Singh Ji the metaphors and love strike you as if the demi god Kaamdev had released one of his five arrows which pierce your heart. Kavi Santokh Singh Ji writes the details of his poetry in the first two stanzas followed by eight other stanzas today describing how Baba Kalu Ji asked for Pandit Hardayal Ji to come and bless the household due to the manifestation of his son. The first ten stanzas are listed below;

Adhyai 04

Kabit – (Kavi Santokh Singh Ji is now explaining with humility the details of his poetry and poetical composition) my poetry is like a blind individual where I have not conformed to any of the previous methods of composing poetry such as Boli, Pingli, Nangi, Moi Hoi, Belori, Arth Heen, Desh Kaal, Virodhi and Gun Agon because I do not understand any of them. I do not understand the nine different types of Alankars (literal embellishments, metaphors) used in creating poetry. There are no virtues in either me or my poetical compositions as the style of writing is completely wrong. However there is alone one virtue in my composition, O saints hear this as it contains the blemishless praise for the Guru and God which I find pleasing. 1.

Couplet – In the way the flow of the river Ganges does not flow straight but the knowledgeable do not find a fault in the river. Instead they bathe in the water and drink from it. (Take this composition to be like the Ganges where only the knowledgeable will bathe and drink the divine eulogy). 2.

Bhai Bala Ji is speaking;
Quatrain – Bhai Bala Ji say to Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, Listen to the eulogy of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which is pure and full of virtues. It had now become morning and Baba Kalu Ji called his servant and said, “Quickly run to the Brahmins house.” 3.

“His name is Hardayal and he is great astrologist. Bring him to my house without any delay.” The servant heard this and went into the house of the Brahmin and stood at the door shouting for him. 4.

Pandit Hardayal Ji heard the calls and quickly came out of his house. The servant said, “O Brahmin, Baba Kalu has sent me here, please come with me as he is requesting your presence in his house.” 5.

Pandit Hardayal Ji replied, “I will come once I have completed my meditation, I will not do any other tasks after my meditation.” The servant heard the reply and relayed the message to Baba Kalu Ji. 6.

Once Pandit Hardayal Ji had completed his daily meditation five Gharis of the day had passed when he arrived at the house of Baba Kalu Ji where everyone was is a buoyant mood. Pandit Hardayal Ji blessed Baba Kalu Ji and was very pleased. 7.

Couplet – Baba Kalu Ji brought the Pandit into his house and sat him down next to him. 8.

Quatrain – Baba Kalu Ji said, “O Brahmin listen to this, God has blessed my household with a son. Please have mercy on me also by letting me know what the stars project for my son’s destiny.” 9.

“Please tell me about both the good and bad omens and write out the birth horoscope for my son.” Pandit Hardayal Ji said, “O Baba Kalu Ji please provide me with some paper and sandalwood. I will pray to the demi god Ganesh and then see what is written in the stars.” 10.

Above is an image of Sri Nankana Sahib which is the location where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifested to the earth.

Below are the next ten stanzas numbered eleven to twenty of the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In these stanzas Pandit Hardayal Ji comes to see Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and realises that he is a divine manifestation. The translated stanzas are below;

Pandit Hardiyal Ji asked, “When the child was born what did he say or do? Tell me what he said? At what time was this child born? Call the midwife and find out these details?” 11.

The midwife of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was called ‘Doulata’ who was called by Baba Kalu Ji. He also requested that the provisions be requested as per the instructions of the Pandit. 12.

Couplet – Pandit Hardiyal Ji had all the items required to read the stars which were brought by Baba Kalu Ji. He sat next to the Brahmin and said the following. 13

Quatrain – “When the child was born the time was one Ghari and two Pahirs of the night. It was also the advent of Pooranmashi (full moon).” Then Pandit Hardiyal asked the midwife, “What did this child say or do when he was born?” 14.

The Midwife Doulata said the following, “O knowledgeable one listen to what I have to say, many children have been born thanks to my services but what this child did on birth I have never seen before.” 15.

“In a way that two wealthy people are to meet they are pleased, in the same way the child on birth was pleased and laughed. He has great characteristics on his limbs and is not similar to other beings.” 16.

Couplet – Pandit Hardiyal heard all of the words spoken by Doulata and became to deliberate on the stars. All of the stars in the sky were visible due to the time of day. 17.

Quatrain – This child was born with great destiny. The Pandit then began to consciously think to himself, ‘This must be some divine manifestation and due to this Baba Kalu Ji is very fortunate.’ 18.

(Pandit Hardiyal Ji continues to ponder on Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s manifestation); ‘It must be Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva who have manifested. As the characteristics of a divine manifestation as all present in this child. A whisk will forever be waved on this individuals head and his birth has taken place at an auspicious life.’ 19.

He will be the king of the world and victorious over the world. The Pandit then desired to see the child and inspect his form. 20.

Above is a painting depicting Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Right today the next ten stanzas numbered twenty one to thirty from the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In these stanzas Pandit Hardayal Ji gets his first glimpse of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and realises that he has the characteristics of a divine manifestation. The translations are below;

Couplet – The Pandit then said to Baba Kalu Ji, “Show me the child.” The midwife Doulata was summoned by Baba Kalu Ji. 21.

Quatrain – (Baba Kalu Ji are speaking to Doulata) “Bring the child to this knowledgeable individual.” The midwife on hearing this went to the residence of Baba Kalu and asked for the child but Mata Tripta Ji refused to hand the child over in the manner that a materialistic individual grasps his wealth. 22.

Mata Tripta Ji said, “It is a cold season outside and due to this the child will catch a cold. The limbs of the child are firm so why do they want to the child to be outdoors?” The Pandit outside again asked to see the child and then Mata Tripta Ji handed over her beloved son. 23.

The midwife Doulata brought the child out of the house whose face was radiant and beautiful. His face was small and illuminated but great in glory like the Bohar. (The bohar is a very small piece of land in the Triveni where the Lord is to manifest as a very small abstract being and sit on this when the world is to enter dissolution. Even though the land is small it had great fame and glory). 24.

Couplet – The Pandit was a very knowledgeable being and recognised the divine characteristics of the Guru. He gained a sense of happiness in his heart and stood up. 25.

Quatrain – He became imbued with love for the child and due to this bowed to the young child consider himself to be lucky and grateful. He looked at the child in the same way a holy man looks at his beloved master and becomes pleased. 26.

He saw the beautiful characteristics of the child’s limbs and continues to inspect the rest of the child’s features. The feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are firm and beautiful like the petals of a lotus blossom. 27.

The arms, knees and shoulders are all long and beautiful of the child. The nails of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are red in colour. The fingers of the child were all of the same length and his chest was widely spaced. 28.

In his left hand he had a mark showing a whisk and a mark of a canopy in his right hand. (These are signs used by astrologers). Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s cheeks were full and round while he had a long nose making him look beautiful. 29.

There is a small image of a crescent moon on the head of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as he glorifies the area. The eyebrows are shaped like upturned bows and the brows do not meet. Pandit Hardayal Ji said, “O Baba Kalu Ji listen to me your son is very astute and he has the twenty two virtues within him.” 30

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below are the translations for stanzas numbered thirty one to forty five of the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. in these stanzas Pandit Hardayal Ji finishes looking at the divine characteristics of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and then following this are the details of the joy in Talwandi due to the manifestation of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The translated stanzas are below;

The palms of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s hands are long which represents that this individual will have great riches but not actually retain it for his own purposes. Pandit Hardayal Ji states he has learned the knowledge of the Samundrik Granth (a text on palm reading and astrology) and from this is explaining the different fortunes of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This child has all of the good virtues. 31.

Pandit Hardayal Ji realised that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s fame would be known far and wide. He eventually realised that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was actually the transcendent form of the Lord who is supreme truth, supreme bliss and complete consciousness. After the Pandit had seen the Guru then the maid Doulata took the baby back to Mata Tripta Ji. 32.

A ritual feast for Hindu priests was held in celebration of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s manifestation in accordance with the Vedas. Baba Kalu Ji is requesting for the knowledgeable men to name the child and explain the meaning of the letters and name given. 33.

Pandit Hardayal Ji said, “O Baba Kalu Ji the name of this child is great and due to this I will name him after great deliberation. Please complete your rituals in accordance to your family clan. Whichever beggar comes to your house do not let them go empty handed.” 34.

Couplet – After saying this Pandit Hardayal Ji left and checked through the astrological readings. He then places a garland of leaves and flowers above his door as a sign of happiness. 35.

Quatrain – Many beggars came to house of the Bedis for offerings as did the eunuchs. People came carrying kettle drums, bells and chains to make music and dance due to the joyous occasion. 36.

Folk songs are being sung with sweet voices form the people who come to the house. The entire village females came to the abode all dressed up wearing jewellery. 37

The eyes of the individuals seem intoxicated like that of an elephant and the women sang like they were cuckoo’s. Those who were wearing new cloths had pale and slim stomachs. 38.

The women were wearing gold which was encrusted with jewels. All other types of jewellery were also worn to the house of the Bedis. The females are wearing anklets, bracelets and a silver chain around their waists. These all make noises when the women dance. 39.

There was a large gathering at the Bedis’ house who was excited to see the child. The heavenly dances adopted a form to try and trick the people of the earth came to see the Guru who came to give the feeling of bliss to the world. 40.

The heavenly dancers came into the house of Baba Kalu and celebrated the arrival of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Numerous drums were being beaten outside the house of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Dhadhis and Bards arrived at the door of Baba Kalu Ji and gained considerable wealth. 41.

Both men and women are at the door of Baba Kalu Ji’s house offering their congratulations and due to this the size of the gathering grew more. Whatever a person desires as an offering that is what they receive from Baba Kalu Ji. 42.

Couplet – Baba Kalu Ji completed all the rituals in accordance to custom of the Bedi’s clan. All men and women are praising his fame and glory. 43.

Quatrain – “Many people have seen sons born to great families, but no one has celebrated as Baba Kalu Ji has with such enthusiasm.” All the men and women and saying this between them and all agree that the child born into this household is a blessed child with great fortune. 44.

The six customs were carried out (such as to give offerings, to do well, etc) Rice was thrown in all directions of the house and worship was done to eight goddesses. The females in the house were bowing so that the child will have a happy life. (Remember these were the Hindu customs performed before the rise of Sikhism) 45.

Above is a rosary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Right i will try to complete the fourth Adhyai today so we can start on the fifth one tomorrow. Below are the translated stanzas numbered forty six to sixty of the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In these Stanzas Pandit Hardayal Ji names the child Nanak to the surprise of Baba Kalu Ji. Baba Kalu Ji expected a Sanatan name and asked what the meaning of the name was. In this translation we get the first translation of the name in Viakaran of the Sanskrit vocabulary. The name Nanak has numerous meanings and i will try to post them all if i ever get up to doing a complete translation of the Sampardai Steeks on the Jap Ji Sahib. For now please enjoy the translated stanzas below;

When the child had been born for thirteen days then Pandit Hardayal Ji came to the house and spoke to Baba Kalu Ji. He said, “This child’s name should be Nanak as there is no name as great as this.” 46.

The Pandit said this and put the child into a small Chola (traditional Indian clothing). Baba Kalu Ji then said the following, “This seems to be a name made up of both Hindu and Muslim vocabularies and a name should not be made in this way.” 47.

“Please deliberate on the name again and then we will name the child. You need to see which is great and which is not. We will adopt a name that is considered great by my lineage for my son.” 48.

Couplet – “The previous names that have been used in the Hindu religion have been used after great deliberation. So for these reasons deliberate on a name so that no one will find a flaw in it.” 49.

Quatrain – After hearing this Pandit Hardayal Ji said the following, “Your son is a great manifestation just like the manifestations of Ram and Krishan. Only the Hindus accept them and not the Muslims.” 50

“Both faiths will accept your son as divine and his devotees with be both Hindus and Muslims. The feet of your son are similar to a ship guiding people to safety through divine knowledge to liberation.” 51.

“Whoever remains in your sons company will cross over the worldly ocean. He will be well known throughout the world. He will assist many people to cross over the worldly ocean to liberation. He will be the one who will give others the name of God to meditate one.” 52.

Couplet – “He will be known from the land to the sky and within nature. He will be the worshipper of the one divine and omnipresent God.” 53.

Quatrain – “The earth, the mountain and the oceans will give way to your son on his travels. Both day and night the elements will be in accordance to his will. I have deliberated long and hard on the name of ‘Nanak’. For this reason I have given this beautiful name to your son.” 54.

“Both the Hindus and Muslims will recite his name. Understand the great glory of his name. There are great things written in this child’s birth horoscope and that is what I have told you.” 55.

“O Baba Kalu Ji there is no falsehood in what I have told you. Have faith in what I have said and consider this to be the truth.” Baba Kalu Ji asked, “Then at least tell me the meanings of the name Nanak.” Pandit Hardayal Ji replied, “The letters of the name are great so deliberate on their meanings in your heart.” 56.

Kabit – This is the meanings from the Sanskrit script of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s name. “The first letter is ‘N’ which means one who is complete. The next letter is ‘A’ (Aira) and with the third letter being ‘K’ in the name. This makes the syllable ‘AK’ whilst the last two letters are ‘A’ and ‘N’ making the syllable ‘An’. The meaning of the name is that this being is one who has no (An) pain (Ak). The meaning of the word ‘Ak’ is pain and the whole world is trapped in pain. The being who suffers no pain remains forever in bliss. This is the meaning for the name ‘Nanak’ who is the subordinate to the devotees and is forever the supreme truth, supreme consciousness and complete bliss.” 57.

Couplet – When Baba Kalu Ji heard the words of the Pandit he was internally happy. He blissfully gave an offering to the Pandit and then Pandit Hardayal Ji returned home. 58.

Quatrain – Pandit Hardayal Ji on his way home pondered in his mind on many things. He thought to himself, “I have aged considerable and become old. For this reason I am regretting the actions I have done during my life.” 59.

“I will not be able to see the glorious life of this child”, these are the wavering thoughts in the mind of Pandit Hardayal Ji. He is thinking to himself, “May I remain alive until I see this child’s glory and my fortune will or will not allow this.” 60

Above is an image of a written Pothi by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

The last four stanzas of the fourth Adhyai is translated below. In these stanzas we see Pandit Hardayal Ji thinking to himself and hoping that he will get a chance to speak to Guru Nanak Dev Ji when he reaches the age of enlightenment. The last stanzas are below;

“When this child leaves his childhood and becomes in his youthful years many people will be in this child’s congregation and swim across the worldly ocean. I will then make a supplication to the Guru and ask that to free me from the bondage's of work and liberate me.” 61.

Couplet – “If the Guru is the knower of all then through his intuition he can read what I am thinking in his young form. If he has this power then he can show me something that will happen in my life and through his mercy grant me a divine sermon.” 62

Quatrain – “When Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is at the age when he can give out knowledgeable sermons please O Lord let me live til this moment.” In this way whilst deliberating on these thoughts Pandit Hardayal Ji went home whilst meditating on the name of God yearning for salvation. 63.

After this moment a considerable time elapsed and Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji continue to grow. This is similar to how a devotee grows in knowledge and his vices decrease. 64.

The fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash Granth (Poorbarad) which is regarding the name of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has now been completed.

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