Third Chapter

Above is a coin depicting Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji surrounded by his companions Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala

Now starts the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. Today I will post just the first three stanzas. The first one describes the glory of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji whilst the other describe the physical appearance of Bhai Bala when he was sat at Sri Khadoor Sahib narrating the life events of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The translations are below;

Adhyai 03

Kabit – (Bhai Santokh Singh Ji writes an invocation to the glory of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji) Some poets state that the feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are similar to the wish fulfilling tree known as Parajaat. Some pets compare the feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to the blemish-less white lotus blossom. However the wish fulfilling tree of the demi gods known as Parajaat is not conscious and unable to grant liberation like Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The white lotus blossom only opens its face (blooms) during the day while at night it closes. The feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are conscious and the fulfiller of all desired by his devotees? Both day and night the feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji remain in bloom granting liberation. For this reason I have understood that both the Parajaat and the lotus blossom cannot actually be used metaphorically as they do not fully give the praise deserved. 1.

Quatrain – (Now Kavi Santokh Singh Ji is describing the form of Bhai Bala) Bhai Bala is holding a water container made out of gourd shell and is wearing a Kashera. On top of his body he is wearing a white blanket. On top of his head was a turban shaped like a hat. Bhai Bala Ji also had a long white uncut beard. 2.

Bhai Bala Ji had begun to focus on the feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and came to prostrate at the feet of Sri Guru Angad dev Ji in reverence. Bhai Bala then began to recount the life history/story of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji from his ambrosial mouth. 3.

Above is an image showing Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji surrounded by his beloved companions Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana.

Below are the stanzas numbered four to ten of the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. in these stanzas Bhai Bala begins to detail the plight of the world prior to the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji where the evil filth of sin was prevalent through the world and the righteous acts were forgotten about. The stanzas are below;

Thus spoke Bhai Bala –
The age of Kaljug is a period of intense pressure when God manifest on the earth. There was a vast amount of danger and sin in the world. Before the arrival of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji there was turbulent and violence. Due to this the barbarians began to rule (sin began to prevail). 4.

The Islamic faith has spread far and wide at a considerable pace. The people became burdened with the weight of their ever increasing sins. The cows (a sacred animal to the sanatan faith) and the poor were being killed. In the age of Kaljug this sort of ignorance had come into being. 5.

The minds of the Kings had become polluted and low. The great actions that they were to perform had all been forgotten and moved aside. The advisers to the king had become greedy and people remained infatuated with the lustful sin of adultery. 6.

Couplet – Foolishness, enmity, gambling, lowly acts, pain and its causes, it was as if the world had become similar to ‘Rahoo’ who was the son of the demon ‘Singka’. It was as if they had surrounded righteousness in the way the darkness surrounds the full moon. 7.

Quatrain – The Kings did not listen to the problems of another. The Qazis had become ensnared in gaining bribes. They were able to make something false seem true so that the name of the true Lord was never recited. 8.

The language of the foreigners (Arabic and Persian) became prevalent throughout the land. Everyone discarded their own faiths and living in accordance with righteousness. The fruitful acts were forgotten about and people became attached to sinful acts instead. The material and costly possessions of the poor were repeatedly stolen and looted. 9.

If someone was to do something in order to assist a worthy cause, jealous individuals would prevent this by causing problems. Because of this it would just create more people with negative attitudes who feel hurt by their sentiments being ruined. People remained engrossed in the thoughts of slandering other, wanting other people’s material objects and sexual desire for other people’s wives. 10.

Above is an image of a Janamsakhi of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below are the stanzas numbered eleven to twenty one of the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In this stanza the plight of the earth is heard and the earth makes a supplication to the Lord for assistance. The translation is below;

Couplet – The Jangams (followers of Shiva), the Sevaras (The Jains), the nomadic Digamburas (the naked wondering order of the Jains) and the disciples from the six schools of thought were all constantly engaged in argumentative debates. 11.

Quatrain – In the world was the twelve orders of the Yogis who had forgotten about the Lord and did not love the divine. The Brahmins were locked in debating the essence of the Shastras through complex argumentative debates. 12.

Some people shaved their head and face to consider themselves as Sanyasis. However their heart was always involved in the desires for other people’s riches and women. They considered themselves to be detached from the world however they remained engrossed in material desires then the householders. 13.

The knowledgeable pandits had become corrupt like thieves so how could they be able to protect and help their people. The work of the Kings is to look after their population as if they are a thorny bush however they are actually eating the good and material possessions of the populations through tax. 14.

Couplet – The earth had become over burdened with the sin of these individuals and the spirit of righteousness had vanquished. The loving devotion of God had disappeared from the world and the people began to live in fear. 15.

Quatrain – In the end the earth remembered the name of God she requested shelter and support from the Lord. She said, “O Lord you are the greatest of all and have no beginning. O God you are the supreme deity and leader of the demi gods who forever remains the same.” 16.

O God you are the protector and helper of the meek and poor. O Lord you are the master of the meek who cares for them whilst invisible to the human eye. You are exempt from old age, immortal, who cannot be eulogised and does not adopt guises or forms. You are exempt from fear, away from the effects of Maya, unaccountable and unknowable. 17

During the age of Kaljug the amount of sin has increased and due to this I am overburdened by its weight. The present time is very painful and hurtful. Without your assistance O Lord I am unable to survive. 18.

Couplet – In the age of Satjug righteousness had four feet (Sat, Soch, Tap and Daan) whilst in Treta there was only three. In the age of Dwapur two feet remained whilst the age of Kaljug was left with one. 19.

Quatrain – The dark age of sin known as Kaljug has started and for this reason I am over burdened by this weight. With righteousness standing on its last foot (Daan) the world cannot be sustained and without your assistance the world can not survive. 20

O the great Lord please listen to my supplication, please assist me in such a way that I will be able to settle. After listening to the supplication of the earth who was in considerable distress then the Lord responded. 21.

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below are the translated stanzas from the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash where the Lord empathises with the burden carried by the planet earth due to the degrading attitude of human beings. The lord states that he will ascend and manifest on the earth assuming a transcendent form as no other being will be able to cope with the sin in the world. Following are the stanzas numbered twenty two to thirty;

“For this specific reason I have sent many people to the earth who have started their various faiths. The reason for which I had sent them was not carried out instead they started their various orders. 22.

“They did not tell the earth about the glory of my name and did not teach people about loving devotion to me. Through the name of God the earth can gain support and shelter.” These are the words said by the Lord. 23

“When the name of God and its keertan is done in the world then you will be sheltered. For this reason I personally will adopt a transcendent form and manifest on the earth as no one else will be able to perform this task.” 24.

In this way God’s words gave a refuge to the lamenting earth. By adopting this faith all the burden of the earth will be decimated. In this way the words of the Lord resonated from the sky causing great happiness in the heart and in the mind of the earth. 25

The progeny of Sri Ram Chandar was still in existence and had no blemishes and for this reason Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest into the clan of the Bedi’s who like a night lotus bloomed with the arrival of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was like the soothing moon. The non transcendent Lord adopted a transcendent form and manifest on the earth and was known in the form of the Satguru. 26.

Couplet – The bad deeds are like the night and the age of Kaljug is wrought with fear. The false hood spread in the world was like the array of stars in the night sky. In the way that many nocturnal flowers bloom in the night so had many faiths and beliefs bloomed. At that time the majority rule was by the Islamic faiths. 27.

Quatrain – In order to dispel the darkness Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest as if he was the rising sun. In this way Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji illuminated the world. The Guru was like the sun whilst his discourses were like the rays of the sun. The saints on seeing the sun like Guru had their lotus like hearts in full bloom. 28.

Those living in falsehood and atheists all felt the pain of the sun like Guru as the owls do when the sun rises. Those who believed in the Guru were in bliss as the Chaki is when it sees the sun rise. The radiance of meditation was illuminated throughout the world. The ignorance within the devotees was dispelled by the Guru. 29.

Those great beings were awoken once they gained wisdom and knowledge. In the way a person leaves a dream and awakens the devotees left their sinful past gaining knowledge and devotion. In order to sustain the wisdom of the great beings Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest into the clan of the Bedi’s. 30.

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Chola which has been preserved

In the following ten stanzas from the three stanzas of the Sri Nanak Parkash from the third Adhyai Bhai Bala Ji begins to narrate the glory of the land of Talwandi where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest on the earth. The stanzas numbered thirty one to forty are below;

Bhai Bala Ji is saying;
Couplet – The reason for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifesting into the world I have explained with my conscious thoughts. Now Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji who is the granter of bliss, listen to the narration of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s eulogy. 31.

Quatrain – The land of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is like a king of all other lands as all the pain and anguish had disappeared. The numbers of elephants had dropped in this area and was situated close to the river called ‘Ravi’ which had a beautifully coloured stream. 32.

It is as if the streaming river is fanning the king like land. All of the characteristics of a king are settling in this land. It is as if the sister of the moon deity (Chanab) is showing her splendour on one side of the location where the water is rapid and causing waves. 33.

It is as if the waves of water from the river are fanning the land in order to add to its glory. The season is forever good in this land where the land is constantly farmed. How can a bad period of time affect this holy place? 34

It was if all the seven causes of turmoil were non existent at this time. The clans of thieves left this area and ran away. Here the nomadic travellers would become allured to the land and others forget their attachments for their family once arriving in the vicinity. 35.

Here the vegetation, flowers, fruit, trees all stood in elegance so that travellers can rest and eat when going through the land. In this land lived the fearless individuals and wise knowledgeable people who propagate both righteousness and piety. 36.

There are those who come on their own accord to the land such as the saints whose mind forever remains imbued in the name of God. These people are complete knowledgables and have earned and gained the virtues of the Lord. In this land beautiful horses are born which are brave and quick as well as having other attributes. 37.

Here other great animal species are taking birth which are all due to the will of the Lord. This land is beautiful in every way and due to this its fame is spread over the country. 38.

Within this land a beautiful village of ‘Talwandi’ existed. All four social castes used to live here in harmony. This village was surrounded by beautiful gardens (countryside) which had splendid flowers bringing further fame. 39.

This village is surrounded by a wall in all four directions. The village is competing with great mountains to show its importance and status. The walls are so tall that it seems that they are able to speak to the clouds due to their lofty position. The walls are able to prevent invaders or strangers from entering the village. 40.

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which is normally found in the Gurdwaras associated with Bebeke (Sant Nahar Singh Ji Sunheranwalae)

In the next ten stanzas of the Sri Nanak Parkash (third Adhyai)we begin to get a brief history of the Bedi clan and their lineage from the manifestation of Sri Ram Chandar. Below are the stanzas numbered forty one to fifty.

The houses give the village great splendour and are able to give the residents bliss in every season (adverse weather). It is as if the layout of the village is similar to a game of ‘Choupar’ where the treasury is full. 41.

In order for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to manifest the village of Talwandi was transformed into a heaven. The cows in the village give milk as if it was elixir and the people were beautiful and intelligent like the demi gods. 42

The village of Talwandi was so glamorous and wondrous that by seeing it Vishwakarma was surprised. In this village lived the readers of the Vedas and those who are priests for the fire ceremony as well as the people who perform six daily rituals. 43.

In this way the wise and clever Brahmins lived in this village, the social caste of the warriors (Kshatris) lived in the village imbued with the warrior essence. The Kshatris are brave and live in accordance to their intellect and politics. The social class of the Vais live according to the teachings of the Vedas. 44.

The social class of the Shudras serve all the people in the village and take great pride in their duties. The people of this village remain pain and illness free keeping their mood happy. People read the prayers of the Vedas to keep their healthy conditions. 45.

The clan of the Bedi’s lived in the village of Talwandi and were adorned with weapons. The clan have created a place from where they begin preparations for war, sacrificial fire worship and a pillar is their insignia or sign. 46.

They have discarded both far and misery and in the sacrificial fire instead of using spoons to clarified butter in to the fire pit they use the sword in pour blood from their enemies body into the fire. 47.

Such a clan of Bedi’s exists in Talwandi whose fame is known throughout the world. This is where they are currently residing. In this clan lived a male by the name of ‘Shiv Ram’. 48.

His mind was tranquil due to the name of God and adopted the virtue of Sato (truth, luminosity). He had eradicated the virtues of Rajo (worldly) and Tamo (darkness). Due to him becoming engrossed in the meditation of God he took off his weapons and did no harm to any creature. He adopted the refuge of the lotus feet of the Lord. 49.

Baba Shiv Ram’s wife’s name was ‘Banarasi’. She adopted the righteous values of serving her husband. In this household were born two great sons of great wisdom. The
Eldest of the two was ‘Kalu’ whilst the youngest was ‘Lalu’. 50.

Above are the wooden sandals of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which are preserved at Sri Lakhpat Sahib in India.

Below are the next ten stanzas from the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. in these stanzas we read about the loving devotion Baba Kalu Ji had for the Lord and how he desired for the Lord to manifest within his household. The stanzas numbered fifty one to sixty are below;

‘Kalu’ was of great fortune and became very righteous. He used to meditate, perform austerities and keeping a daily routine by which he was able to eradicate numerous deeds from past lives. 51.

He had a great desire for many births which was that God who is the one who sustains the world should come into my household. (The word use here is Vishnu, this is written in gurmukhi with only one ‘aunkar’ under the N and due to this represents Vish – creation, Nu – the provider. This is a request to God and not the demi god Vishnu). This desire constantly remained in his heart. He had heard that through meditation one can please the Lord. 52.

(Baba Kalu Ji are thinking to themselves) If God is to understand me to be a being without any virtues then this isn’t an issue as the divine manifestations have already taken place in the anthropomorphic forms of the pig (Varah), the fish (Mach), the tortoise (Kach) and households of ignorant individuals and that of low social castes. 53.

O Lord due to love and devotion you manifest in places that one would never imagine to carry out your duty. Your glory is written about and contained in the Vedas. An example in the household of ‘Rishi Kashyap’ and ‘Adutti’ you manifested int eh form of Bavan. 54.

In this way you manifest to destroy the demons. Baba Kalu ji remained engrossed in the remembrance of the Lord. So when this pious soul came into the form of Baba Kalu after many other births the Lord completed his desire. 55.

When the fateh ‘Shivram’ saw his son ‘Kalu’ he married him off into a famous household. His wife was righteous and a treasure trove of virtues who was warm and caring but who could actually state this? 56.

The great female (Mata Tripta Ji) after a considerable duration of time she started to perform many religious austerities. Some time had passed while the couple remained married and lived in the loving thought of God. 57.

In the village of Talwandi lived the ruler ‘Rai Bular’ who loved Baba Kalu as if he they were brothers. Whatever work needed to be over seen in the land was handed to Baba Kalu. 58.

In this way Baba Kalu Ji lived his life in merriment and both he and his wife desired for a son to be born in their household. Initially God blessed them with a gifted daughter in the womb of Mata Tripta Ji who was called Nanaki. 59.

In that way that the goddess Parbati was the daughter of the Himalayan Mountains and his consort ‘Maina’, Nanaki was the virtuous daughter of Baba Kalu Ji and Mata Tripta Ji. Nanaki was the form of devotion and meditation. 60.

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in a cradle being tended to by midwifes.

Apologies for failing to post yesterday. Due to this I have worked as hard as I can to complete the outstanding stanzas of the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. in the last twenty stanzas we hear about the arrival of Jagat Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifesting in the world. The stanzas numbered sixty one to eighty are below completing the third Adhyai;

Some time passed and the Lord became aware of the devotion of Baba Kalu Ji and thought to himself, “I should go to the earth and manifest as his son”. After this the king of the world was to manifest on the earth. 61.

Then the Lord manifest as the second child of Mata Nanaki who had accumulated great merit from penances performed. The stomach of the mother began to grow it was as if a second moon was radiating luminance. 62.

Even if Mata Tripta Ji was not wearing any jewellery even then she remained beautiful and elegant. Whichever house Mata Tripta Ji sat in she glorified due to her beauty. 63.

If one is to listen to these complements and have suspicions to its reality then the Lord who glorifies the world, galaxies, dimensions and universe, why would he not glorify the place in which he is residing? (The womb of Mata Tripta) 64.

When the master of the universe manifest in the womb of Mata Tripta Ji those people who were considered apostates and sinful all became pure and righteous. They spoke the truth, content, righteous and earned a truthful living. They began to do such fruitful deeds. 65.

A scented breeze began to flow through which all pain, worries and illness all disappeared. The clouds began to form full of rain to celebrate the manifestation of the Lord. The rain bringing clouds fulfilled the desires of the mass population. 66.

The trees began to grow large amounts of fruit to show their happiness for the impending manifestation of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 67.

The land of Talwandi was becoming green and fertile. The land was very excited by the impending manifestation. Both the conscious and insentient beings in Talwandi were overjoyed with the impending manifestation of the Lord. 68.

When the ten months of pregnancy had passed then the full moon of the month of ‘Sat’ arrived. The sky is full of stars glorifying it in the way the virtues glorify a devotee. 69.

Those clouds carrying no water in Talwandi all went away from the land in a way that the ills and pains all are dispelled from the true congregation. It was the advent of the full moon in the month of Kattak and the moon was bright as the splendour of the Lord.70.

It was the Bikrami year of nine plus six (15) and twenty six years (1526 Bikrami) when the divine Lord, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest. Everyone was very pleased at the time but did not know what the cause of such euphoria was. 71.

The beings who lived on the earth or in the ether all meditated on the deathless Lord which made them joyful. Due to the joyous occasion they were blowing their conch shells and shouting, ‘be victorious’ at the arrival of the Guru. 72.

The demi gods got together and started to rub sandalwood and mixed it with saffron and camphor. They sprinkled this over the house of Baba Kalu Ji and also threw leaves from the ‘Kusam’ tree (this tree is a heavenly tree kept with the demigods due to its beauty) in celebration. 73.

All the midwife got ready to assist and serve Mata Tripta Ji as the son had just been born (Guru Nanak Dev Ji) and she was in a state of ecstasy. At that time eight lamps were alight in the house of Baba Kalu Ji but their light was not as bright as the child Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 74.

The Lord Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is illuminating in form and beautiful. The midwife was surprised on seeing the form of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and thought, ‘this child has taken birth and instead of crying is actually laughing’. She could not understand what was taking place in front of her eyes. 75.

When all other children are born into the world they arrive with the sound of crying but this child is laughing as if he is internally in a state of euphoria. Bhai Santokh Singh Ji states how can this midwife who doesn’t have the right level of intellect comprehend what is taking place before her eyes? This child is actually the Lord manifest who is exempt from the cycle of transmigration. 76.

The midwife ran to inform Baba Kalu of the joyous news. She said to him, “O Baba Kalu Ji you house is full of joy and congratulations as a radiant son has been born into your family I wish you much happiness.” 77.

After hearing that a child had been born from this message given by the midwife a sense of peace and bliss propagated in the heart of Baba Kalu Ji. It was as if a poor family had obtained the wish fulfilling tree Kalapbrich, this was the sense of bliss Baba Kalu Ji felt. 78.

After hearing the news Baba Kalu went and bathed whilst wearing his clothing as advised and instructed by Vedic rituals. He focused his complete thoughts on the Lord, folded his hands and prostrated in respect to the divine. 79.

In this way Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifested in the world in order to give the earth some peace and spread the meditation of the Lords name. Later I will narrate the events that took place in the life of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji within which assisted great numbers of people. 80.

The third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash Granth (Poorbarad) which is regarding the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has now been completed.

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