Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 094

I seem to be running out of images so I may abstain from putting them up if I can afford to do so.

Below continues the tenth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. The stanzas are eleven to twenty which are below.

“Your mind remains in a state of dispassion. If you put your efforts into this work then the amount of milk produces will increase. The employed servants who look after the cattle have ruined the way of grazing our animals. For this reason bring the cattle green grass to eat.” 11.

In this loving manner Baba Kalu Ji spoke to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and he accepted the task. He replied, “I will definitely go in the morning. With your permission I will surely graze the cattle.” 12.

After saying this Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to sleep. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji eradicated the cycle of transmigration for his followers. In the morning Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji woke up and got ready to graze the household cattle. 13.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened the ropes of the cattle then when he got all the animals together they set off. He held a stick and a bell and fed the animals green grass. 14.

In the previous age the name ‘Gopal’ (grazer of cows) was well known and that name has now manifested for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. All day Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave fresh grass to the grazing cattle. 15.

In the evening Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji brought the cattle back so that he could eat. The beautiful white and black cattle all ate their grass as well. Baba Kalu Ji seeing this was very pleased as his son was now working. 16.

He thought to himself that slowly that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will become more involved in work. He will become more attached to his house and discard his state of dispassion. That evening Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji remained in his house as a blossomed lotus. 17.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ate his food and drank his milk. He covered his body with a blanket and fell asleep. In the morning Baba Kalu Ji woke up and said to his son, “O Nanak it is time to get up.” 18.

Listening to his father’s request, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji got up and then untied the cattle to follow them. Where there was along green field Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji took the cattle into it. 19.

At that moment Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji fell asleep while the cattle remained in the field eating. All of the wheat growing in the field was devoured by the cattle when the farmer of the field arrived. 20.

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