Monday, 7 June 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 093

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below begins the tenth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. The firt ten stanzas are below including the lovely invocation by Bhai Santokh Singh Ji.

Adhyai 10

Savaiya – (Invocation) O Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji please grant me a boon from your great lips that this text is for your glory and my desire it that it will be completed. (Bhai Santokh Singh Ji is saying) I am a sacrifice to you as with your power I am about to write this poetry in its various measures and metres. All of the impediments that are going to obstruct me please remove them as only in that way will this Granth be completed. These impediments are like the darkness of a new moon night while this Granth is like the light illuminating full moon. 1.

Bhai Bala Ji is saying;
Couplet – After the previous events Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji now keep themselves hidden. He remains in bliss and blooming but does not let others know. 2.

Quatrain – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji constantly remains dispassionate and for this reason those ignorant individuals due not understand his glory. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji does not open his eyes to look at people and he does not even move his lips to speak to others. 3.

Sri Guru Nanak Di’s bodily activity is done effortlessly and if he does not do anything on a day he remains happily settled. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has changed his perception to that where he is looking internally and focuses within with his two eyes. 4.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji perceived the world to be false like a child’s play where something is made and later destroyed. Due to this he does not desire any anything. All the males and females in the village of Talwandi say, “Baba Kalu Ji’s attitude has been upturned!” 5.

“Before he used to say great sayings to assist others so why does he now remain silent? May be he has been affected by the evil eye of another as he forever remains intoxicated.” 6.

Some other people are saying, “Maybe he has been affected by some ghost or animal as he neither listens nor speaks.” Many days had passed while Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji remained in this state. One day Baba Kalu with great love, 7.

He sat Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his lap and rubbed his hand over his son’s head. He then kissed Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the forehead and gained a state of bliss. He looked at his son and thought to himself, ‘If my son starts to work then slowly his mind will turn to more vocational work.’ 8.

‘If I am to start him off doing small tasks and amounts of work then slowly i will increase it and his mind will become involved in his work.’ Baba Kalu Ji thought to himself in this manner and then said, “You should go and graze the cows and buffalos daily.” 9.

“You are the only son in our house. Without you working how will this house work? Do not waste your life sitting at home. Put your mind into your household duties.” 10.

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