Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 095

Below continues the tenth adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. Translated are stanzas numbered twenty one to thirty continuing the sakhi if Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji grazing their cattle;

Seeing his field in the state it was he was shocked. He said, “Which thick skinned individual has done this to my field?” I watered my field daily to make it green so which fool has destroyed my field?” 21

“The cows have eaten all of the greenery and sat in the field. It seems that someone has taken my field to be without an owner.” Hearing these words Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji woke up and started to remove the cattle from the fields. 22.

The landowner got very angry and began to shout loudly, “I will not allow you to go home without being punished. Pay for the damages you have caused in my field or I will take you to Rai Bular.” 23.

After saying this, the landowner took control of all the cattle. His mind is enveloped in pain and anger. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said the following from his lotus lips, “O landowner release my cattle and give up your sorrow.” 24.

“However much was written in your Karma is what God has left you. Whatever is ruined was going to be destroyed. If you are to fight or dispute this them the fact of the matter is nothing returns.” 25.

“If this was written in your destiny then no one can ruin this at all. Everything is in the hand of God. God does not need to listen to the words of another.” 26.

“Understand this in your mind and release my cattle. What has happened has happened there is no reason to talk about it.” The landowner did not listen to a word by said by the Guru as his mind is clouded by a sense of pain. 27.

Arguing and arguing they arrived at the court of Rai Bular. The landowner said the following in a loud voice, “He has destroyed my field.” 28.

“My field was full of tall wheat which was all eaten today by the cattle. This child is the son of the accountant Baba Kalu Ji who has forgotten his duties and is from a family of administrative power.” 29.

“So Rai Bular, please do justice otherwise he will continue to feed the cattle and destroy all the fields in your district. If the fields are to be destroyed daily like this then how will the land owners survive?” 30.

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