Friday, 9 July 2010

Sri Nanak parkash - Post 096

Below continues the tenth adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash;

Rai Bular listened to the words of the landowner and became angry. He looked at Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and said some harsh words, “You seem to have forgotten your fear for everyone. You are just a simple child and graze your cattle in the field belonging to the landowner.” 31.

When Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji remained silent he called for one of his servants, “This child is internally intoxicated and does not talk so go and call Baba Kalu Ji as his son has ruined someone’s field and he should pay the price for the damage.” 32.

The servant went and called Baba Kalu Ji and said, “Come and see the actions of your son. He has ruined the field belonging to a landowner by allowing his cattle to graze in there.” 33.

“Hearing this Baba Kalu Ji was pained and thought, ‘O Son Nanak you will never let me live in bliss and peace.’ Baba Kalu Ji along with the servant went to see Rai Bular and Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 34.

When Rai Bular Ji saw Baba Kalu Ji he said the following harsh words, “Listen Kalu you seem to have no fear. You have sent your intoxicated son to graze the cattle who have later gone on to ruin this males field. 35.


  1. pleas continue with this mahan seva gurmukho!! the sangat really longs for it

  2. are there any updates regarding ur book on bhai sahib#s vaars? when and where will it be available?

  3. Apologies I will try to keep up with this blog from now on and to make up it will be more then the ten stanzas a day.

    Books are still coming along


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