Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 100

Above is a picture of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji being shielded from the suns rays by Sheshnag.

Well we are already on our 100th post for the Sri Nanak Parkash translation. Lets hope that I have the ability to continue this task.

Below is the concluding translation from the eleventh Adhyai.

When the water evaporates all is left is mud in the ground and when that is dried the land splits and this is a lesson in devotion and love being provided. The mud is saying without my beloved water I have become cracked so all people without the love of God why hasn't your heart split/broken? In the way a large amount of dust with wind can create a dust storm swirling like a being who does not have a complete Guru. 46.

The water seen from an optical illusion caused by heat animals run towards it without any content. In this way the mind runs after the lustful desires for its pleasure but it does not ever become fully satisfied. 47.

The animals and birds look for the shade from the trees provide. By finding the shade they sit in bliss as a being who is looking to become a student desiring to meet the Lord finds bliss in the Satsangat. 48.

The cold water is liked by all beings during the hot season so is the holy words of Gurbani. These are the characteristics of this hot season that the Lord of the world Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is enjoying his life. 49.

Where there is the shade of a tree that is where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is grazing his cattle. Where there is cold water and cold houses is the location where Guru Nanak Dev Ji plays his games. 50.

He spends the whole day playing in the jungle and the night at home. The dust from taking the cattle out becomes attached to the skin of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as if their was a speck of dust on a lotus blossom. 51.

Mata Tripta Ji puts Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji on her lap and becomes exalted in doing so. She cleans his face with complete motherly love and stares at his face. Whilst doing this she says lovable things such as, "O Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji you should not graze the cattle in the jungle anymore." 52.

"The sun is very sharp and it affects your skin by making it go pale as your skin colour was beautiful before. By walking in the jungle your skin is being effected so you should play happily in the village." 53.

"You spend all of your day in the jungle but we wish to have a glimpse of your all the time. Now our employee will graze the cattle in order to prevent our separation with you." 54.

Mata Tripta Ji showed her motherly love to her son Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji when Baba Kalu Ji arrived in the house. Baba Kalu Ji said, "He is the only son in our household and we have made him the protector of our cattle." 55.

"He spends all of his day in the jungle and for this reason he seems to be steeped with dispassion. So from now on we will not send our son to graze the cattle as we do not want his limbs to become sore from this work." 56.

When both the husband and wife agreed to the same ideal their love with their child increased. Then Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was no longer sent into the jungle, instead his mother and father took bliss from the fact that their son was at home. 57.

Couplet - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the ocean of bliss and is very intelligent. The manifestation of his great form is evident in the world. In order to reveal the name of God to the world the body of the Guru is increasing in size. 58.

The eleventh Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash Granth (Poorbarad) which is about the event of Rai Bular gaining faith in Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has now been completed.

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