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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 098

Above is an image relating to this parsang.

So far we have got through the first ten Adhyais of the Sri Nanak Parkash. Thankfully there are only another 122 left!!!

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is beginning to show his immense capability and power in this transcendent form and in Adhyai eleven we continue from the previous parsang.

Adhyai 011

Savaiya - By clasping both hands together i prostrate to you Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as your feet are like a cloud of bliss which destroys all pain and trouble. Your feet are like lotus blossoms and my mind is like the bee attracted to them keeping me aware from the root of attachment and ignorance which is very powerful. The impostors are like stars outshone by the sun like Guru. The sins are hot like the fire but the Guru cools this and is like the radiance of the moon. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the destroyer of all impediments that obstruct his devotees and forever grants bliss. 1.

Bhai Bala Ji says -
Couplet - The beautiful life story of the Lord manifest as Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is being beautifully expounded while he grows like a blossoming flower showing its glory during the rainy season. 2.

Quatrain - The beautiful soft leaved trees are showing their glory and the multi coloured plants continued to show their beauty. In this season the victorious Basant king returns with his army and the females prepare for the arrival of their partners by decorating themselves with make up longing to eradicate the strain of separation. 3.

The leaves from the forest trees fall off and the red flowers are blooming everywhere. The warriors wearing red coloured clothing are ready to go into battle. 4.

Seeing the mango's growing in the groves the king is becoming pleased so that the nightingale chirps with its beautiful voice. The mind is crying out the details of the Basant (rainy season) king. The females seeing the anger that the males have in them are kicking them out of their land. 5.

Seeing the colour of the flowers the bees collect their sustenance from them. It seemed as if there was an orchestra and singers in front of the metaphorical king Basant. 6.

The birds are singing beautifully as if they were bards singing the praise of the metaphorical king Basant. The air blows the fragrance on the females to the men to assist in ending their separation. 7.

New flowers coloured white, black, red and yellow are standing and are blooming giving great glory. Small branches are sprouting on the trees as if they are the aigrette on the crown of the King of Basant. 8.

In this way the jungle looks beautiful and is where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji walks through daily. The residence of virtues Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the month of Vaisakh is grazing his cattle there. 9.

By seeing the new green grass Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji grazes the cattle there. When the day had come to midday and the sun was shining very bright. 10.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was tired and whilst grazing the cattel found a place to rest. Seeing such a lovely tree and its shade Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji decided to rest. 11.

A cool fragrant breeze was blowing and Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji collected some soft leaves and spread a white sheet over them. On top of this Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji the granter of mercy lay to rest. 12.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji closed his eyes and went to sleep. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the eradicator of conscious problems and had fallen asleep at this location. When six gharis had passed through sleep the shade of the tree moved. 13.

The Sun had gone in a western direction and the sun was shining on the face of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The sharp sun rays were going on the face of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji causing sweat which shined like the water on the flowering lotus blossom. 14.

It was like the moon was the face of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji out of which drops of ambrosial nectar where dripping. It was as if Sheshnag had realised in his heart that he should shield the sun from the Guru. 15.

Sheshnag is white like the milk of a cow and adopted the form of a snake to come to the location. Seeing the blissful face of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji he prostrated with love. 16.

He then circumbulated Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji three times (this was done to give his mind body and soul to the Guru). He stood close to the face of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and spread his hood which looked like a stream from the Ganges river. 17.

In this way the white hood of Sheshnag was getting great glory as if it was like the ocean. The shadow of the hood covers the face of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and he does not move as if he was insentient. 18.

In this way some time elapsed and h gave shade to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji with great pleasure. At this time Rai Bular was returning with soldiers to Talwandi. 19.

He arrived close to the location where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was asleep, here his fortune blossomed as well as the return of his great deeds. He was escorted by an army on beautiful horses and had great desire to return home. 20.

When he saw this snake he assumed that someone was using a sheet to cover themselves from the sun. He wondered why they had given up the shade of the tree for the shade of the sheet? 21.

He continued to think in this manner until he got closer to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji he heard the hissing of the Snake and realised it wasn't a sheet but a snake. He Saw that it was a snake with a big hood which was spread very wide. 22.

Thinking about what to do the mind of Rai Bular became encompassed with mercy. he thought 'If this child is the die the snake will eat it. If this person is to live then he is a divine manifestation and the white snake is serving them.' 23.

He sent his servant to go and inspect further, when he did this the snake slid away into a whole int he ground. Rai Bular stopped his horse and got off to see further, what amazing feat he has just witnessed. 24.

When he went close he heard the noise of the horses which woke Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The eyes of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened as if they were the blooming of two lotus blossoms. The eyes are like the bee which stays close to the blossom. 25.

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