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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 099

Above is an image of the divine incident where Sheshnag covered Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's face from the sun providing adequate shade with his hood.

Below continues the translation of the eleventh Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash.

When Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji realised that Rai Balar was on horseback close to him. He was closely followed by his army. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji got up and bowed his head to Rai Bular due to him being his elder. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the being who destroys the sins in the age of Kaljug. 26.

Rai Bular who was the carer of the village got off his horseback and hugged Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. With great love he embraced Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and kissed his forehead. 27.

In his mind was great love for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and realised that he was some divine manifestation. After this day he kept firm faith in this conviction and never wavered. 28.

He understood that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was God and with his mind bowed to the feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He became so imbued with love in that moment that he was unable to speak. He realised that the Guru was the divine liberator. 29.

Rai Bular got on his horse and left but found all his hair was standing on end. He went back to his house very pleased and sat down. In his mind he is deliberating that this child (Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji) will be able to cut the cycle of transmigration for everyone. 30.

When Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji leaves his childhood and became youthful I will make a supplication to him and sing his praises. To have a glimpse of the Lord is essential to the Yogis I will ask for this great elevated position. 31.

My previous fortunes have come into existence and for this reason the Lord has manifest in an area close to me. To meet and speak to the Lord cannot be summed up by the Hindu and Semitic scriptures. 32.

He sent his servant to go and get Baba Kalu Ji and when he came with great devotion he sat him close to him. He said, "Baba Kalu Ji do not every get angry with your child as he is a divine manifestation who has entered your house." 33.

"Understand that a great fortune from your previous lives has become manifest. There is no other that I have seen like you. Whatever food or clothes he desire should be given to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and never upset him in any way." 34.

"Never say anything bad to your son and understand him to be the Lord." The Rai Bular told Baba Kalu Ji explained the incident with the snake. 35.

"The sun was bright and the snake using his hood provided shade for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Once Sheshnag saw us he disappeared." Baba Kalu Ji did not really show faith in the incident and replied, "Really, if he has got any powers we will realise soon." 36.

Saying this Baba Kalu Ji did not adopt this incident with any firm faith and left the house of Rai Bular. This was due to being enveloped by the attachment of Maya. In the way it traps one into their worldly work is the same as an individual controlling the instrument being played. 37.

What is both praise and fault to a puppet? Who can be happy or angry with a puppet? The work of Maya is in accordance to the will of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and only through his desire Maya works to elude beings. 38.

Baba Kalu Ji arrived home very happy and lovingly embraced Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was the sign of the Bedi lineage. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji daily grazes the cattle which pleases Baba Kalu Ji and the incident with the snake pleases Rai Bular. 39.

Due to this Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is pampered/loved by Baba Kalu Ji and seeing the child soothes his eyes. From that day the praise of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was existent from one house to another. 40.

Wherever men and women meet they speak between themselves about the snake incident. With great love Rai Bular embraced the child and praised him in his house. 41.

The son of Baba Kalu Ji is a powerful manifestation and controls hos powers on his own without giving away his true abilities. In this way the season of Basant passed with Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji grazing the cattle. 42.

Then the hot seasons began with the son blazing in all four directions. In this month the ground is heated like the heart of someone who is jealous. 43.

The hot air is blowing which is heating the men and women at the time like a foolish person talking slanderous about another making their hearts heated. 44.

The Rays of the sun are sharp/hot causing the small pond of water to evaporate and cause pain to the animals living in the water. In the way a person of the world lives without meditating on the name of God they remain trapped int he cycle of births and deaths. 45.

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