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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 051

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Mata Tripta ji following the Guru's manifestation to teh earth in teh Bedi household.

Now the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash commences with once again Kavi Santokh Singh Ji humbly describing his poetry and measures. During which he states his style of poetry is not worthy in any way and lacks quality. Complete humility as if you read the works of Kavi Santokh Singh Ji the metaphors and love strike you as if the demi god Kaamdev had released one of his five arrows which pierce your heart. Kavi Santokh Singh Ji writes the details of his poetry in the first two stanzas followed by eight other stanzas today describing how Baba Kalu Ji asked for Pandit Hardayal Ji to come and bless the household due to the manifestation of his son. The first ten stanzas are listed below;

Adhyai 04

Kabit – (Kavi Santokh Singh Ji is now explaining with humility the details of his poetry and poetical composition) my poetry is like a blind individual where I have not conformed to any of the previous methods of composing poetry such as Boli, Pingli, Nangi, Moi Hoi, Belori, Arth Heen, Desh Kaal, Virodhi and Gun Agon because I do not understand any of them. I do not understand the nine different types of Alankars (literal embellishments, metaphors) used in creating poetry. There are no virtues in either me or my poetical compositions as the style of writing is completely wrong. However there is alone one virtue in my composition, O saints hear this as it contains the blemishless praise for the Guru and God which I find pleasing. 1.

Couplet – In the way the flow of the river Ganges does not flow straight but the knowledgeable do not find a fault in the river. Instead they bathe in the water and drink from it. (Take this composition to be like the Ganges where only the knowledgeable will bathe and drink the divine eulogy). 2.

Bhai Bala Ji is speaking;
Quatrain – Bhai Bala Ji say to Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, Listen to the eulogy of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which is pure and full of virtues. It had now become morning and Baba Kalu Ji called his servant and said, “Quickly run to the Brahmins house.” 3.

“His name is Hardayal and he is great astrologist. Bring him to my house without any delay.” The servant heard this and went into the house of the Brahmin and stood at the door shouting for him. 4.

Pandit Hardayal Ji heard the calls and quickly came out of his house. The servant said, “O Brahmin, Baba Kalu has sent me here, please come with me as he is requesting your presence in his house.” 5.

Pandit Hardayal Ji replied, “I will come once I have completed my meditation, I will not do any other tasks after my meditation.” The servant heard the reply and relayed the message to Baba Kalu Ji. 6.

Once Pandit Hardayal Ji had completed his daily meditation five Gharis of the day had passed when he arrived at the house of Baba Kalu Ji where everyone was is a buoyant mood. Pandit Hardayal Ji blessed Baba Kalu Ji and was very pleased. 7.

Couplet – Baba Kalu Ji brought the Pandit into his house and sat him down next to him. 8.

Quatrain – Baba Kalu Ji said, “O Brahmin listen to this, God has blessed my household with a son. Please have mercy on me also by letting me know what the stars project for my son’s destiny.” 9.

“Please tell me about both the good and bad omens and write out the birth horoscope for my son.” Pandit Hardayal Ji said, “O Baba Kalu Ji please provide me with some paper and sandalwood. I will pray to the demi god Ganesh and then see what is written in the stars.” 10.

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