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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 052

Above is an image of Sri Nankana Sahib which is the location where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifested to the earth.

Below are the next ten stanzas numbered eleven to twenty of the fourth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In these stanzas Pandit Hardayal Ji comes to see Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and realises that he is a divine manifestation. The translated stanzas are below;

Pandit Hardiyal Ji asked, “When the child was born what did he say or do? Tell me what he said? At what time was this child born? Call the midwife and find out these details?” 11.

The midwife of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was called ‘Doulata’ who was called by Baba Kalu Ji. He also requested that the provisions be requested as per the instructions of the Pandit. 12.

Couplet – Pandit Hardiyal Ji had all the items required to read the stars which were brought by Baba Kalu Ji. He sat next to the Brahmin and said the following. 13

Quatrain – “When the child was born the time was one Ghari and two Pahirs of the night. It was also the advent of Pooranmashi (full moon).” Then Pandit Hardiyal asked the midwife, “What did this child say or do when he was born?” 14.

The Midwife Doulata said the following, “O knowledgeable one listen to what I have to say, many children have been born thanks to my services but what this child did on birth I have never seen before.” 15.

“In a way that two wealthy people are to meet they are pleased, in the same way the child on birth was pleased and laughed. He has great characteristics on his limbs and is not similar to other beings.” 16.

Couplet – Pandit Hardiyal heard all of the words spoken by Doulata and became to deliberate on the stars. All of the stars in the sky were visible due to the time of day. 17.

Quatrain – This child was born with great destiny. The Pandit then began to consciously think to himself, ‘This must be some divine manifestation and due to this Baba Kalu Ji is very fortunate.’ 18.

(Pandit Hardiyal Ji continues to ponder on Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s manifestation); ‘It must be Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva who have manifested. As the characteristics of a divine manifestation as all present in this child. A whisk will forever be waved on this individuals head and his birth has taken place at an auspicious life.’ 19.

He will be the king of the world and victorious over the world. The Pandit then desired to see the child and inspect his form. 20.

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