Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 044

Above is an image showing Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji surrounded by his beloved companions Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana.

Below are the stanzas numbered four to ten of the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. in these stanzas Bhai Bala begins to detail the plight of the world prior to the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji where the evil filth of sin was prevalent through the world and the righteous acts were forgotten about. The stanzas are below;

Thus spoke Bhai Bala –
The age of Kaljug is a period of intense pressure when God manifest on the earth. There was a vast amount of danger and sin in the world. Before the arrival of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji there was turbulent and violence. Due to this the barbarians began to rule (sin began to prevail). 4.

The Islamic faith has spread far and wide at a considerable pace. The people became burdened with the weight of their ever increasing sins. The cows (a sacred animal to the sanatan faith) and the poor were being killed. In the age of Kaljug this sort of ignorance had come into being. 5.

The minds of the Kings had become polluted and low. The great actions that they were to perform had all been forgotten and moved aside. The advisers to the king had become greedy and people remained infatuated with the lustful sin of adultery. 6.

Couplet – Foolishness, enmity, gambling, lowly acts, pain and its causes, it was as if the world had become similar to ‘Rahoo’ who was the son of the demon ‘Singka’. It was as if they had surrounded righteousness in the way the darkness surrounds the full moon. 7.

Quatrain – The Kings did not listen to the problems of another. The Qazis had become ensnared in gaining bribes. They were able to make something false seem true so that the name of the true Lord was never recited. 8.

The language of the foreigners (Arabic and Persian) became prevalent throughout the land. Everyone discarded their own faiths and living in accordance with righteousness. The fruitful acts were forgotten about and people became attached to sinful acts instead. The material and costly possessions of the poor were repeatedly stolen and looted. 9.

If someone was to do something in order to assist a worthy cause, jealous individuals would prevent this by causing problems. Because of this it would just create more people with negative attitudes who feel hurt by their sentiments being ruined. People remained engrossed in the thoughts of slandering other, wanting other people’s material objects and sexual desire for other people’s wives. 10.

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