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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 049

Above are the wooden sandals of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which are preserved at Sri Lakhpat Sahib in India.

Below are the next ten stanzas from the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. in these stanzas we read about the loving devotion Baba Kalu Ji had for the Lord and how he desired for the Lord to manifest within his household. The stanzas numbered fifty one to sixty are below;

‘Kalu’ was of great fortune and became very righteous. He used to meditate, perform austerities and keeping a daily routine by which he was able to eradicate numerous deeds from past lives. 51.

He had a great desire for many births which was that God who is the one who sustains the world should come into my household. (The word use here is Vishnu, this is written in gurmukhi with only one ‘aunkar’ under the N and due to this represents Vish – creation, Nu – the provider. This is a request to God and not the demi god Vishnu). This desire constantly remained in his heart. He had heard that through meditation one can please the Lord. 52.

(Baba Kalu Ji are thinking to themselves) If God is to understand me to be a being without any virtues then this isn’t an issue as the divine manifestations have already taken place in the anthropomorphic forms of the pig (Varah), the fish (Mach), the tortoise (Kach) and households of ignorant individuals and that of low social castes. 53.

O Lord due to love and devotion you manifest in places that one would never imagine to carry out your duty. Your glory is written about and contained in the Vedas. An example in the household of ‘Rishi Kashyap’ and ‘Adutti’ you manifested int eh form of Bavan. 54.

In this way you manifest to destroy the demons. Baba Kalu ji remained engrossed in the remembrance of the Lord. So when this pious soul came into the form of Baba Kalu after many other births the Lord completed his desire. 55.

When the fateh ‘Shivram’ saw his son ‘Kalu’ he married him off into a famous household. His wife was righteous and a treasure trove of virtues who was warm and caring but who could actually state this? 56.

The great female (Mata Tripta Ji) after a considerable duration of time she started to perform many religious austerities. Some time had passed while the couple remained married and lived in the loving thought of God. 57.

In the village of Talwandi lived the ruler ‘Rai Bular’ who loved Baba Kalu as if he they were brothers. Whatever work needed to be over seen in the land was handed to Baba Kalu. 58.

In this way Baba Kalu Ji lived his life in merriment and both he and his wife desired for a son to be born in their household. Initially God blessed them with a gifted daughter in the womb of Mata Tripta Ji who was called Nanaki. 59.

In that way that the goddess Parbati was the daughter of the Himalayan Mountains and his consort ‘Maina’, Nanaki was the virtuous daughter of Baba Kalu Ji and Mata Tripta Ji. Nanaki was the form of devotion and meditation. 60.

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