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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 048

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which is normally found in the Gurdwaras associated with Bebeke (Sant Nahar Singh Ji Sunheranwalae)

In the next ten stanzas of the Sri Nanak Parkash (third Adhyai)we begin to get a brief history of the Bedi clan and their lineage from the manifestation of Sri Ram Chandar. Below are the stanzas numbered forty one to fifty.

The houses give the village great splendour and are able to give the residents bliss in every season (adverse weather). It is as if the layout of the village is similar to a game of ‘Choupar’ where the treasury is full. 41.

In order for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to manifest the village of Talwandi was transformed into a heaven. The cows in the village give milk as if it was elixir and the people were beautiful and intelligent like the demi gods. 42

The village of Talwandi was so glamorous and wondrous that by seeing it Vishwakarma was surprised. In this village lived the readers of the Vedas and those who are priests for the fire ceremony as well as the people who perform six daily rituals. 43.

In this way the wise and clever Brahmins lived in this village, the social caste of the warriors (Kshatris) lived in the village imbued with the warrior essence. The Kshatris are brave and live in accordance to their intellect and politics. The social class of the Vais live according to the teachings of the Vedas. 44.

The social class of the Shudras serve all the people in the village and take great pride in their duties. The people of this village remain pain and illness free keeping their mood happy. People read the prayers of the Vedas to keep their healthy conditions. 45.

The clan of the Bedi’s lived in the village of Talwandi and were adorned with weapons. The clan have created a place from where they begin preparations for war, sacrificial fire worship and a pillar is their insignia or sign. 46.

They have discarded both far and misery and in the sacrificial fire instead of using spoons to clarified butter in to the fire pit they use the sword in pour blood from their enemies body into the fire. 47.

Such a clan of Bedi’s exists in Talwandi whose fame is known throughout the world. This is where they are currently residing. In this clan lived a male by the name of ‘Shiv Ram’. 48.

His mind was tranquil due to the name of God and adopted the virtue of Sato (truth, luminosity). He had eradicated the virtues of Rajo (worldly) and Tamo (darkness). Due to him becoming engrossed in the meditation of God he took off his weapons and did no harm to any creature. He adopted the refuge of the lotus feet of the Lord. 49.

Baba Shiv Ram’s wife’s name was ‘Banarasi’. She adopted the righteous values of serving her husband. In this household were born two great sons of great wisdom. The
Eldest of the two was ‘Kalu’ whilst the youngest was ‘Lalu’. 50.

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