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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 047

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Chola which has been preserved

In the following ten stanzas from the three stanzas of the Sri Nanak Parkash from the third Adhyai Bhai Bala Ji begins to narrate the glory of the land of Talwandi where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifest on the earth. The stanzas numbered thirty one to forty are below;

Bhai Bala Ji is saying;
Couplet – The reason for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji manifesting into the world I have explained with my conscious thoughts. Now Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji who is the granter of bliss, listen to the narration of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s eulogy. 31.

Quatrain – The land of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is like a king of all other lands as all the pain and anguish had disappeared. The numbers of elephants had dropped in this area and was situated close to the river called ‘Ravi’ which had a beautifully coloured stream. 32.

It is as if the streaming river is fanning the king like land. All of the characteristics of a king are settling in this land. It is as if the sister of the moon deity (Chanab) is showing her splendour on one side of the location where the water is rapid and causing waves. 33.

It is as if the waves of water from the river are fanning the land in order to add to its glory. The season is forever good in this land where the land is constantly farmed. How can a bad period of time affect this holy place? 34

It was if all the seven causes of turmoil were non existent at this time. The clans of thieves left this area and ran away. Here the nomadic travellers would become allured to the land and others forget their attachments for their family once arriving in the vicinity. 35.

Here the vegetation, flowers, fruit, trees all stood in elegance so that travellers can rest and eat when going through the land. In this land lived the fearless individuals and wise knowledgeable people who propagate both righteousness and piety. 36.

There are those who come on their own accord to the land such as the saints whose mind forever remains imbued in the name of God. These people are complete knowledgables and have earned and gained the virtues of the Lord. In this land beautiful horses are born which are brave and quick as well as having other attributes. 37.

Here other great animal species are taking birth which are all due to the will of the Lord. This land is beautiful in every way and due to this its fame is spread over the country. 38.

Within this land a beautiful village of ‘Talwandi’ existed. All four social castes used to live here in harmony. This village was surrounded by beautiful gardens (countryside) which had splendid flowers bringing further fame. 39.

This village is surrounded by a wall in all four directions. The village is competing with great mountains to show its importance and status. The walls are so tall that it seems that they are able to speak to the clouds due to their lofty position. The walls are able to prevent invaders or strangers from entering the village. 40.


  1. these last few sections...describung the earth requesting akkaal purakh are so full of bairaag!

  2. It totally discribes the dispassionate state of the world overburdened with the sin of the earth. Metaphorically this can be translated as the jeev overcome by the five vices requesting sactuary from these by a supplication to the Guru. It is the art of surrendering to the master.


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