Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 045

Above is an image of a Janamsakhi of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below are the stanzas numbered eleven to twenty one of the third Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In this stanza the plight of the earth is heard and the earth makes a supplication to the Lord for assistance. The translation is below;

Couplet – The Jangams (followers of Shiva), the Sevaras (The Jains), the nomadic Digamburas (the naked wondering order of the Jains) and the disciples from the six schools of thought were all constantly engaged in argumentative debates. 11.

Quatrain – In the world was the twelve orders of the Yogis who had forgotten about the Lord and did not love the divine. The Brahmins were locked in debating the essence of the Shastras through complex argumentative debates. 12.

Some people shaved their head and face to consider themselves as Sanyasis. However their heart was always involved in the desires for other people’s riches and women. They considered themselves to be detached from the world however they remained engrossed in material desires then the householders. 13.

The knowledgeable pandits had become corrupt like thieves so how could they be able to protect and help their people. The work of the Kings is to look after their population as if they are a thorny bush however they are actually eating the good and material possessions of the populations through tax. 14.

Couplet – The earth had become over burdened with the sin of these individuals and the spirit of righteousness had vanquished. The loving devotion of God had disappeared from the world and the people began to live in fear. 15.

Quatrain – In the end the earth remembered the name of God she requested shelter and support from the Lord. She said, “O Lord you are the greatest of all and have no beginning. O God you are the supreme deity and leader of the demi gods who forever remains the same.” 16.

O God you are the protector and helper of the meek and poor. O Lord you are the master of the meek who cares for them whilst invisible to the human eye. You are exempt from old age, immortal, who cannot be eulogised and does not adopt guises or forms. You are exempt from fear, away from the effects of Maya, unaccountable and unknowable. 17

During the age of Kaljug the amount of sin has increased and due to this I am overburdened by its weight. The present time is very painful and hurtful. Without your assistance O Lord I am unable to survive. 18.

Couplet – In the age of Satjug righteousness had four feet (Sat, Soch, Tap and Daan) whilst in Treta there was only three. In the age of Dwapur two feet remained whilst the age of Kaljug was left with one. 19.

Quatrain – The dark age of sin known as Kaljug has started and for this reason I am over burdened by this weight. With righteousness standing on its last foot (Daan) the world cannot be sustained and without your assistance the world can not survive. 20

O the great Lord please listen to my supplication, please assist me in such a way that I will be able to settle. After listening to the supplication of the earth who was in considerable distress then the Lord responded. 21.

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