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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 072

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat with holy men while Bhai Bala fans above the heads of the Guru.

Adhyai six of the Sri Nanak Parkash continues with the updesh being given by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Pandit Gopal Pandhay. Below are another ten stanzas from the text numbered sixty one to seventy;

“The being who has imbued his or her mind into the loving devotion of God then will give up their attachment to their body and material possessions. The being will focus on gaining a direct knowledge of God and renounce all worldly work.” 61.

“They understand the world and their body to be false. They have eradicated all thoughts and desire linked to lustful desire and sin. The doubts that they had about their own form are now the basis or trying to realise their true form.” 62.

Couplet – “By remaining in contact with the congregation of the Guru one is able to meditate on the true name of God. The doubts are then removed and one gains a feeling of inner bliss within.” 63.

Quatrain – “When they have gained realisation into their soul then even if the body is in pain the being does not realise it. The being does not know about the bliss of lustful desire or vices. The being remains immersed in God and never forgets him. The being has got rid of duality and remains in a constant state.” 64.

“They are free from the cycle of births and deaths. They have gained the status of liberation and become the form of the Lord. In this way Gopal Pandhay adopt this into your heart! Do not become engrossed in the pride attached to the body.” 65.

“By meditating on the Lord one is able to eradicate the vice of pride. Do not focus on anything other than the name of God. Make your human birth fruitful by meditating on God and escaping from the cycle of birth and death.” 66.

Couplet – Listening to such a discourse from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Gopal Pandhay fell to the Guru’s feet. He said, “O Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji I am one who is trapped and have an impure mind. I was unable to understand you knowledge and spiritual state as the manifest form of the Lord.” 67.

Quatrain – The words uttered by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji were similar to a striking sword which is sharp due to the knowledge of the Lord. The sword (which is the word of God) is held in the hand of meditation which is gained through the adoption of dispassion. 68.

Whichever warrior is to come and stand in front of this sword will have their limbs of ignorance dismembered. They will then gain a realisation of their true form and later a feeling of bliss in the realm of truth. 69.

The cowards who are trapped in the fear of sexual desire are all apostates from God. They have wasted their life in this world and ruined their chance of being in the next world. It is as if they are fighting a religious battle and instead of looking forward they have taken their eye off the battle and look back. 70.

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