Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 079

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below commences Adhyai 08 with an invocation showing what influence the Guru has over the Gursikh in the first stanza of this Adhyai. The stanza summarises a number of Puranic Sakhis so I will try to elaborate on them to give you some insight into who they are;

Adhyai 08

Kabitt – (This invocation is about the role the Guru plays in the life of the Gursikh) In the way the arrow pierces a target, the way Birbhadar killed Dach (Birbhadar was a demon who cam from the hair of the demi god Shiva after his wife Sati had immolated herself. Sati has immolated herself in fire when her father Dach failed to invite Shiva to a religious event and slandered him. Birbhadar was sent to kill Dach for his sins), in the way a net is thrown over fish in a river, in the way a lion goes to hunt, in the way a hawk goes after its prey, in the way the goddess Chandi killed the demon Biralach (Chandi is remembered through the various praises found in the Sri Dasam Granth. During her battles in the Devi Puran she fights a demon called Birlach who has a anthropomorphic form with a human body and a cats heat!), in the way Parasram killed the Kashatris (Parasram is also known as the Ram with an Axe was an Avesha Manifestation. Parasram killed the warrior caste over twenty one times in his life as they had become corrupt and insolent), in the way Sri Ram Chandar crossed the ocean to defeat Ravan (Sri Ram Chandar travelled to Lanka with the Monkey Army of Sugreev's in order to rescue his wife Sita who had been abducted by the demon Ravan), in the way Balram went to defeat the King of Maghud, Jarasandh (Balram was the brother of Sri Krishna who travelled to the land of Maghud in order to defeat Jarasandh the demon who waged war against the demi gods. He was eventually defeated by Bhim who was one of the Pandav brothers who featured in the great Mahabharat), in the way Indar went up into the mountains to throw the chakra of Vishnu at the enemies of the saints is the way in which the Guru kills the attachment in the body of the Gursikh. 1.

Above is an image of Birbhadar, the demon that was sent by Sri Shiva to kill King Dach.

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