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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 092

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the sacred thread ceremony.

Below are the last nine stanzas numbered fifty one to fifty nine of the Sri Nanak Parkash Adhyai nine. This concludes the spiritual sermon about the true sacred thread one should wear. The translation is below;

Pandit Hardayal Ji is continually saying, “You are blessed” to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. “You are the knower of your own knowledge. No one else has realised your glory as you have dispelled my pride.” 51.

Whoever Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji blesses with their graceful sight their cycle of births and deaths is extinguished. At that moment Baba Kalu Ji spoke, “The food is now ready for all.” 52.

“For this reason please stand up and sit yourselves in an orderly manner. Please do not delay and partake in the food.” The Brahmins all got up and took off their religious clothing and all sat in an orderly manner. 53.

The Kshatri relatives were all present also sat down in an orderly manner. All of the people were given leaves as plates and the people preparing the food began to serve it. 54.

With great care they serve rice pudding topped with sugar then clarified butter. The food was served swiftly with great care. Rice is served along with lentil balls and bhajis. This is all served in yogurt along with spices and coriander. 55.

There are many types of food in the kitchen and before the partaking of food the name of God is recited by all. All of the people enjoyed the flavour of the meal following which everyone washed their hands. 56.

Baba Kalu Ji paid his respects to all the Pandits, Brahmins and intellectuals who came to his house with goods. After they were all pleased they departed from the house. The desire the Pandit Hardayal Ji had in his mind had now been acquired which was the sacred thread of knowledge. His consciousness had immersed itself with the name of God through love and it was like a shade protecting him. 57.

The meanings of the pure knowledgeable sacred thread that was recited by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, one who is to hear it or narrate the incident will not be required to wear a materialistic sacred thread. They will just increase their love for the feet of the Guru. 58.

Couplet – However many relatives, Kshatris, Brahmins and Pandits that came to the house of Baba Kalu Ji all returned home to praise Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who is the protector of the poor. 59.

The ninth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash Granth (Poorbarad) which is about the event of the sacred thread has now been competed.


  1. what is the purpose of the sevapanthi samparda? shudnt all khalsa, nihang, nirmala be dedicated to seva like bhai kanaiyaji? So why have a seperate samparda for that? please explain jio, i mean no offense by the above and know that many brahmganis below to this saparda. I just want to learn more about its roles etc

  2. Allt he Khalsa come together to form one unit however if one is to have div drishti like Bhai Ghayaiya it will be impossible to fight in battle. How could Bhai Khanaiya raise a shaster to anyone as all he saw was his guru?

    All should strive to be the same but the Khalsa is split in differnt roles.An example is teachers. You go to school and learn from teachers but they all teach specialised classes but overall they are still teachers.

    Nihangs teach Shastarvidya
    Nirmalas teach Shastravidya
    Udasi's teach puranic vidya and yog vidya
    Sevapanthis teach Kirtan and Seva bhagti/vidya

    All vidyas are essential to becoming a Sikh and preparing you for the spiritual path just as all lessons and education are required in order to prepare you for the materialistic world


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