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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 076

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below continues the Sri Nanak Parkash Katha fromt he seventh Adhyai. Below are the stanzas numbered twenty one to thirty in which Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji begins to compose his first written discourse known as the 100 Salok Gita. This prayer is not really sung or read by modern day Sikhs however the Udasi Samparda and is known as the Nanak Gita. The translation now continues;

Quatrain – “Do not get too worried about educating your son. Your son is actually the creator of the different types of knowledge. It is as if someone compares a diva against the sun to eradicate the darkness there really is no comparison.” 21.

“What sort of radiance and illumination can a diva give? The illumination given in comparison to the sun is too minute.” Baba Kalu Ji heard the praise of his son and was greatly pleased. 22.

When the two then later returned home Baba Kalu Ji continued his daily work. Whatever Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji desired to do that day he did by playing with his friends. 23.

Couplet – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s forehead is broad and gives radiance to the face of the Guru which allures others into a sense of attachment. The eyes of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are wide like lotus blossoms and great like a well. 24.

Quatrain – In between the two lips of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are his sparkling teeth which appeared as jewels encrusted on the house of Saraswati. The arms of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are also splendorous whilst his ears are adorned with earrings bringing him glory as if he was a king. 25.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is looking to his father with the same gaze that can assist a person to cross the worldly ocean. One day Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji collected some paper and made it into a small book. 26.

If any child is born into a family they usually imitate the actions of their parents. In this way Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji collected his papers and played in his manner. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji started to write the accounts of the apostates and elderly. 27.

Couplet – At that moment Baba Kalu Ji came home and saw his beautiful son. Then Baba Kalu Ji said with great love and bliss. 28.

Quatrain – “O son why have you gathered all of the papers? You are sat silently what are you studying?” Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s focus did not waver as it is on the papers in front of him. 29.

In the way in which a Pandit deliberates on the Vedant Shastar is how Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji focuses on the papers and does not look away for a single moment. Hearing his father’s question Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji replied the following ambrosial words from his mouth. 30.

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  1. Please dont stop this beautfil seva brother. I check everyday for updates and im sure many singhs and kaurs do too.


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