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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 086

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji made up from gurbani.

Below is the last number of stanzas from the eighth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. The stanzas are numbered sixty one to seventy one and conclude the divine sermon given by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji to the Mulla. The translation is below;

“Please forgive me for the misguided words I said earlier as I am insolent and ignorant. Your faith in the Lord is complete and who in this world is to understand this?” 61.

“I have come under the shelter of your feet so please eradicate my cycle of transmigration. Out of the wise you are the wisest so please grant me a sermon to eradicate my pain.” 62.

“You are a friend of the poor, eradicator of pain and an ocean of mercy. When Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji heard such humble words he gave a merciful look towards the Mulla and said the following words;” 63.

“In the sand of the world the mind is like gold which is mixed into the sand. The gold has to be separated and sifted from the sand. The meditation of God is like the fire on the wood used to take out the impurities of sin in the gold.” 64.

“The gold becomes pure and can be made into jewellery. Once made into jewellery the name of God is the jewel which is embedded. The jewellery is to be placed around the neck of intellect then both in this world and the next one a person will gain great praise.” 65.

“The true name of God should be focused and meditated destroying the ego in the process. In the true congregation one should serve continuously which will grant an individual bliss.” 66.

The words of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji were like a sword by which the soul of the Mulla was pierced and the pride of the body was destroyed. Through the sharpened sword his heart was pierces. The relatives of pride have also been pierced such a doubt.” 67.

The world is a place of pain and the Mulla recognised the glory of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Mulla crossed his hands in respect and bowed to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He then said, “You have eradicated my ignorance.” 68.

“O Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji you are the complete form of the Lord or saint. You should save people with your wisdom. Whatever comes into your mind perform and no one will be able to reverse this.” 69.

“I have heard your sermon and have turned my back on the world’s troubles. I will now meditate on the name of God.” After saying this, the Mulla returned home and did not speak with anyone. 70.

The love for God awoke with the Mulla and he gave up all sexual and lustful desire. As long as he lived he meditated on the name of God and at his final moments he went to heaven. 71.

The eighth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash Granth (Poorbarad) which is the about the divine sermon to the Mulla has now been completed.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Its so different reading these sakhis compared to some sakhi boook s they are described so beautifully like a play happending infront of ur eyes. This translation is amazingh veer kamji. I wonder where guruji's footsteps go next?


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