Friday, 21 May 2010

Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 088

Above is an image of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Below continues Adhyai nine of the Sri Nanak Parkash within which Baba Kalu Ji has decided he wants his son to wear a sacred thread known as the Janayoo. The stanzas numbered eleven to twenty are translated below and continue the commentary.

“By wearing this sacred thread what glory does a person gain? By wearing this sacred thread what exalted position does a person attain? If I was not to wear this what would I lose? O Pandit Hardayal please explain this to me.” 11.

Pandit Hardayal Ji heard the words of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji a desire rose in the mind of the Pandit that his doubts and faults will be dispelled. He had already heard a divine sermon from the mouth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and hoped that now all of his scepticism and causes of distress will be destroyed. 12.

Pandit Hardayal Ji was aware of the glory of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji but still spoke in order for his ignorance to be dispelled. “Those who wish to promote the religious affairs of the Brahmins and Kshatris have to wear the sacred thread.” 13.

“Until either a Brahmin or Kshatri does not undergo this ceremony until then they cannot be given the sacred thread. Without the sacred thread neither the Brahmin nor Kshatri can be considered religious so understand this offering.” 14.

“When the Brahmins or Kshatris take this sacred thread in accordance to the terms of the Vedas then they would be admitted entry into the faith.” With grace Sri Guru Nanak dev Ji listened to the words of the Pandit and spoke the following beautiful words. 15.

“If this is the religious rites of the Brahmins and Kshatris that one can only survive once they have worn the sacred thread or do they survive through performing great acts. Does the religion remain intact through the sacred thread or through mercy which propagates positive actions? (Guru Nanak Dev Ji are questioning the rites of the sacred thread where the goats are slaughtered as part of the ritual while Guru Ji’s concept is one of compassion and mercy)” 16.

“If one is to wear the sacred thread and then later commit sin by killing in pursuit of wealth. In their final days they also do not eradicate their enmity and continue to slander and lie,” 17.

“Whether it be a Brahmin, a Kshatri or a male from a low caste they will suffer the punishment from the angels of death due to their sinful acts. Then what reward does this sacred thread give to these individuals as their actions would have resulted in them being condemned to hell?” 18.

All of the great intellectuals and Brahmins sat at the location were in silence and did not say anything. Nobody provided an answer to the question raised by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as they were all consciously thinking that the words were ‘true’. 19.

All of the people present actually desired to listen to the views of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji so Pandit Hardayal Ji said, “Tell me which person wears the sacred thread does not go to hell? By what means can one prevent the angels of death’s bad treatment?” 20.

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