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Sri Nanak Parkash - Post 081

Above is an old print of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Below are stanzas numbered eleven to twenty from the eighth Adhyai of the Sri Nanak Parkash. In this the family of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji all notice a change in attitude and behaviour of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji so Baba Kalu Ji asks the Mulla for help on the issue. The translation of the stanzas are below;

Savaiya – People leave their homes and work to go and see Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They stare at the complexion of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji which they find blissful. People ask Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji numerous questions in order to eradicate their scepticism and they listen to the beautiful words of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. People have realised that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is infact a divine manifestation and due to this people gained a greater faith in the Guru. Such great unknowable words are being spoken and they are unshakable and strong intellect like an iron double edged sword. 11.

Couplet – All of the people understood the power of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji so he changed his behaviour. He began to act like a child who was ignorant and did not know anything. He did this in order to conceal his powers. 12.

Savaiya – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji goes out of the village of Talwandi and lies in the shade of a tree. If someone calls him he does not respond as he remains internally focused on God and in a state of bliss. Sometimes he lies down in the house and his mother tries to wake him but she is unable to as he remains silent. He remains lying in the same place for up to two days at a time and due to this people say the following: 13.

“The son of Baba Kalu Ji was great with a vast intellect but know he seems clueless, what is the reason for the change? He remains intoxicated in resting but his appearance shows that he is in a state of dispassion. It is as if the shadow of a ghost has been cast over him. He does not care for the stories inside or outside of his house. When he speaks he does not open his eyes.” Those people who do not know Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji say this about him. 14.

Baba Kalu Ji seeing his son in such a state has become consciously concerned. Many people have advised him on what to do and he has tried many methods. Then Baba Kalu Ji went back to the Mulla for advice and told him everything about Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. “O Mulla it seems that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has lost all of his intellect. What method did you use to teach him Farsi? Please accompany me and see what state he is in and tell me what is causing his condition. 15.

The Mulla accompanied Baba Kalu Ji to his house where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was resting. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was lying down with a white sheet covering him without a care in the world. Lots of people had gathered to listen to the words uttered by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Mulla and Baba Kalu Ji were shocked to see Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji as he seemed lost in comparison to the last time the Mulla saw him. 16.

Kabitt – The Mulla sat near Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and made the following supplication, “You have been graced by the Lord as in such a small age you have been able to gain vast intellect. Your sweet words are said in order to assist and support others. You character is very good and with great love your word will increase your glory and praise. Why do you not speak? What is the reason for this? Your father is that worried about you that he has put aside his daily duties.” 17.

Couplet – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji remained in silence and gave no answer. Then the Mulla said the following words. 18.

Savaiya – “All of the people standing close to you all desire to listen to your utterances. Why do you not say anything? Everyone is becoming saddened by this face. Please speak for a short amount of time as everyone is shocked to see you no longer talk. Please speak about the path to God from what you have in your mind.” 19.

Aril – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji heard the request by the Mulla in complete humility. He asked for the path to God to be spoken about. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened his eyes and sat in front of everyone. After this he uttered the following shabad in the Raag (musical measure) of Tilang to eradicate everyone’s pain. 20.

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